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Please note that this game is a work in progress that I'm sharing in hopes of getting some much needed feedback!

In this sidescrolling basebuilding RTS you're a commander that has been tasked to regain control over a section of the galaxy that has been lost to a parasitic lifeform. Crash-land your ship, build an outpost, clone some crew, prepare for nightly attacks and recover lost ship parts in order to hop to the next planet!

As tutorials are currently missing, here is some key information:
Walk with A and D. As you overlap a building slot or crewmate, menus will pop up which you can access using your mouse. It is important to first build an energy plant as energy is your main currency. Secondly, getting some protection is advised as you're only safe on the very first night. There are several strategies towards making it off the planet that are all (hopefully) equally viable, so I hope you don't mind some trial and error and sharing with me your thoughts! Thanks a ton in advance!

If I were to continue working on this game, this is what I would implement:
Different planets with gameplay twists
Spaceship crash-landing and lift-off cutscenes
Captivation story
Construction animations
Voice acting
A ton of bugfixes
...and much more!

This game is a spiritual successor to Blackfoot Burrows which is honestly pretty lame, but free on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/952330/Blackfoot_Burrows/


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