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Do you want to go for a lunch time walk? Are you stuck in quarantine? Not to worry! Take a stroll through this virtual park, spot some animals, feed the ducks and recover a lost item. The goal is to simply enjoy the sights and the peaceful soundscape without the stress of deadlines, quests, save-files and other burdens. This experience is slightly different each time you boot it up, so feel free to drop by whenever you need it. Just try to unwind, and if you succeed in doing so, please tell me how!

Supports mouse+keyboard and Xbox controller!

Here are some features I am hoping to implement if this experience is well recieved:

  • More animals
  • Trash to clean up
  • Sitting by the campfires
  • Smoke and blossom particle effects
  • Other neat stuff

Here are some known issues I'm too lazy to fix right now:

  • Lighting a campfire sometimes takes two key presses
  • Animals get stuck in hills sometimes
  • Controllers don't currently work in the menu

Have fun!

P.S. If anyone is interested in a spooky spin-off with more narrative, please let me know as it fits almost too well, I feel! The same goes for a Linux or Mac build.

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AuthorWouter van Vugt
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Casual, Exploration, First-Person, Relaxing, Retro, Short, Voxel, Walking simulator


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Hello there. I played your game and honestly. That was truly what I needed on a horrible day like today. So thanks a lot for that. If anyone wants to see my video about it. You can check it down below. Still thank you for creating this. It helped me relax from a bad time today.

It's great to hear that I made anyones day even a little bit better. Hop back in to find and return the lost item whenever you feel like it, and remember to hold the spacebar to pull up your animal checklist :D


It's an amazing game, I enjoyed playing this, but imho it would be interesting if some things like a photography mode were added, like in Pokémon Snap, some people walking in the park, more goals to fulfill, easter-eggs, anyway. This game has a lot of potential for more.

Thanks for the review and playthrough! These are all very good suggestions that I'll keep into account if I end up expanding on the game :D Remember to deposit that item you found towards the end to get it back to their owner ;

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Thanks for sharing, hope you had a nice time! May I ask, was the game laggy or the recording? Wondering if I needed to optimise the game better, haha!


Hey dude! I was wondering if you are interested in somebody making soundtracks for any games you make in the future. I really like your work, and would love to be a part of it. I'm looking for experience in composing and I'd love to help out. Message me on twitter (@LoNeedsALife), or email me (logan.music.contact@gmail.com) if you're interested!


Sure man, let's talk!


I'll play
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Thanks for playing :D Would love to hear your honest opinion on it. Also, be sure to hop back in to find the hidden item when you get the chance ;)


So peaceful, thank you for making this game it truly gave me some peace of mind. 

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Thanks so much for making this! Looks like you had a nice time, and I'm happy the teddybear spawned fairly close to you so you got to experience that mechanic. Did you ever find the fox and raccoon, or did I overlook you finding them? :) I'll embed this playthrough on the page, if you don't mind :D Cheers!


No I didn't, thanks again.